Pink Oculus

    Date: 22 maart 2016
    Pink Oculus was an African magician that lived around the 1400’s in Mali. She’s best known for her “exploding elephant foot” magic trick. This particular trick caused her to be the head of entertainment in the royal palace during King Mansa Musa’s glorious reighn. Her famed trick influenced David Copperfield hundreds of years later to develop his “statue of liberty” dissapearing act. This isn’t a well known fact, but we’ve come upon this information through Pink’s distant relative streetfighter and martial artist Kimbo Slice. 
    Legend has it that Pink Oculus once made a journey through the Egyptian dessert with just a pouch of gold dust, 8 pairs of phoenix wings and a drink of water. This journey lasted 13 days and 13 nights and when she had found her way back to her homeland all her hair had gone from black to bright pink. This is how she got the name Pink Oculus. What happened on this journey no one knows, but we can assume it was quite Epic.

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