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Luna Mae’s debut single ‘’Butterfly’’ including music video will be released this month. Her EP ‘’Sky’’ will drop January 2015.

She immediately catches everyones attention with her striking hair. The right half all blonde, the left half pitch-black. The same goes for her music. The 22 year old Luna Mae effortlessly hits a high note with her stunning range during a funky up-tempo, and later on moves you with a mysterious, fairylike song. She already made some kilometers in her solo career. Luna recently performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival and shared the mic with Beyoncé at one of her concerts. Waylon (known from ‘‘The Common Linnets’’, that reached the second place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014), Glennis Grace & Ruth Jacott also know exactly where to find her when they need some tight backingvocals.

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