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Stacii Samidin Story: Gino-Cochise D.O.P: Stacii Samidin Drone Pilot: Fly to get high Production: Dajanara Narvaez-Palamino 1st Production Assistant: Quillermo Chavez 2nd Production Assistant: Ruru la Cruz Motion Design: Flores De Kraker Editor & Colorist: Stacii Samidin

MUSIC Produced & Mixed by Gino-Cochise Mastered by eMastering

GIVE THANKS TO – MOMO – B4real – AdiKaka – EPMusic – Keluagra

SPECIAL THANKS TO ‘’ Mother Nature & to all who are there ”


19.01.2022 – 4:20 PM (Amsterdam time zone) Cochise released his third official music video, of which you could say that it’s a mini short-movie: THE POWER { Of Disbelief } directed by Stacii Samidin . This new single can be listened to on all digital music platforms from 21.01.2022 . It’s a soundtrack of his (debut) record ‘ LBM III ‘ in which we have to trust Cochise that this (debut) record will be released this upcoming spring

Watch the new video clip here

More about Gino-Cochise’s recent career
After an explosive start last year at ESNS, where they labeled Cochise at 3voor12 with his extremely strange voice and syncopated drums as ‘the most exciting act of the festival‘ Cochise could also be seen, with his amazing musician brothers, on various stages such as : Copacobana Festival, BirdfestTiny TheaterMOMO Festival, SuperSonic Festival and North Sea Jazz Festival
Cochise self-publishes his music through DJAGO THE LABEL . You can watch his latest music videos on our Youtube channel. A personal quote from Cochise about the plug of this new single: “ From disbelief comes beliefs . Let us sit with silence as we are silence, and enjoy being, one….”