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Gino-Cochise is an Amsterdam-based artist, who was born, allegedly, from a coconut. He debuted as a solo artist with the fiery single, 2021’s ‘Fo Woa’, which is the 4th track on his debut soundbook, 2022’s ”LBM III’’, released on his very own label, DJAGO THE LABEL. There are currently 5 albums underway which Cochise calls ‘soundbooks’ and he clearly taps into his artistic nature by releasing the 3rd as his debut album. Using earthquake-like intentions, Cochise gifts us with soundbooks that are filled with personal insights and messages fused into a journey of rich sounds and melodies. Rumor has it that his 2nd album, soundbook LBM IV, will be out this spring 2023.

Raised in a musical family with acclaimed artists as his parents, he started playing the drums with an instinctive passion at the age of 3. Cochise’s experiences in music grew and broadened naturally leading to him gaining dexterity in multiple instruments including the bass guitar, percussion, guitar & keys. At the age of 14, he started his journey as a producer/ songwriter and at 16 he started playing as a musician for several artists. In his 21st year he found his singing voice through expressing his encounters with romance and spirituality, strengthening his views on the world. Patiently he decided to, playfully, mature this discovery while working for other artists and learning more about life in a enjoyable way, until 10 years later..