Aankomende Activiteit

GINO-COCHISE (ESNS – Eurosonic Noorderslag)

Oosterpoort, Groningen

ESNS 2023
GINO-COCHISE is an Amsterdam-based artist, who was born, allegedly, from a coconut in 1990. Raised in a musical family with acclaimed artists Julya Lo’ko & Erwing van Ligten as his parents he started playing the drums with a lot of passion at the age of 3. Alongside with age Gino-Cochise’s experiences in music grew and broadened naturally leading to him gaining dexterity in multiple instruments including the bass guitar, percussion, guitar and keys. Gino-Cochise said he always heard a lot of music floating around in his head and as he learned to play the harmonic instruments better and better, he was able to bring his musical fantasies to life. From the age of 17 he started on his journey as a producer. On his 21st year he found his singing voice through expressing his encounters in romance and his strong opinion of the world situation and system we live in. Cochise debuted as a solo artist with the fiery single ‘Fo Woa’ in Feb 2021, released on his very own label; DJAGO THE LABEL, which is the 4th track on his debut soundbook ‘LBM III’ .