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Jarreau Vandal & Luna Mae Europe Tour

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Funky DJ makes the change to impelling liveshow

Braindance, that is the holy trinity of progressive DJs, bedroom producers and live electronica acts. Think: the exuberant vibe of the famous Boiler Room Sessions, as well as established names in the scene who will make the AB their playground. Braindance is the ideal first stop for a night out on the town in Brussels and for mind-blowing musical discoveries.

Producer Jarreau Vandal, who was raised in Amsterdam, grew up amongst the jazz, funk and soul cassettes of his musical parents and we can still hear that influence in his music. After playing an important role in the international DJ scene over the past few years – involving a number of Boiler Room sessions and a residence at Wavefiles, amongst other things – Jarreau now ventures into a full liveshow with various musicians. This summer he could still be seen behind the turntables at Dour and Pukkelpop, now entirely live for the first time in AB!

Shy One

Mali Larrington-Nelson, Shy One, first appeared behind the turntables at a local pirate radio station at the age of thirteen. Since then she has entirely immersed herself in the grime scene and the underground club music that her hometown of London has to offer. Her eclectic influences are her trademark. In radio programs for the likes of NTS, she surfs effortlessly from hip-hop to jazz and from house music to broken beat. As resident DJ of the BBZ and Touching Bass collectives, Shy One is a part of a group of artists, DJs and activists who defend the rights of the LGBTQI community in London, via art, music and culture.

The career of the London DJ has had a growth spurt in recent years, with more DJ sets than ever and an increasingly larger audience that recognizes her as one of the most unique and talented DJs and producers of the moment.