Aankomende Activiteit

Kolenkit X Blabla Sounds JAM


Improvised jamsessions in Amsterdam West. Upcoming dates are: 30-09-2023 & 28-10-2023

Blabla Sounds organizes open jamsession called Kolenkit x Blabla Sounds Jam, in which musicians and poets improvise live on stage. We bring together artists from beginner-level to professional and create a lowkey environment to make everyone feel welcome on stage and in the audience to enjoy the music. The jams are mostly in the style of funk, soul and jazz, although we are always surprised with other styles as well. We have a bring-your-own-drinks policy 😉
How does this fit with our other work?

We love to connect with other artists and our audience in real life. This way, we expand our network of musicians and collaborations for music productions, for instance when we need a specific sound or instrument on a track.

We also wish to have a positive impact on our community by bringing people together, whether they make music or not. As our local jamsessions are repeated events within a diverse neighborhood, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and get to know them better with each jam. Apart from that, we just love to see people having a good time. And they do not need to empty their bank accounts, since the jams are free of charge.